Friday, April 13, 2012

Wondrous Love {Twins}

Leia 'helping' with the recycling.
 A three-days' visit by our former foster twins (known affectionately on our blog by the pseudonyms Luke and Leia) during this Octave of Easter brings great joy and multiple opportunities to be of service before the crack of dawn.  Lights of our lives, these two have become little chatterboxes, with many new words and silly antics.  In our wildest dreams we could never have guessed it possible that our relationship with these two would blossom and grow long after our role as their foster family officially ended.  God is so good!

A few noteworthy quotes from this visit:
  • Him:
    • "Eewwwwww!" during the changing of a poopy diaper
    • "CAR! CAR! CAR!"  his same old passion, with better vocalization and an uncanny ability to find a CAR~whether a minuscule car in the background on a printed page or a full sized car speedy past our house
    • "Sissy sissy" when talking about his sister
    • "Daah daah" as he chases the dog to pet (grab) and love the beasts twice his size whose wagging tails pose a serious threat right at eye level
    • "No no" as he pointed to my lap top left open (vulnerable) in the composition of this post!
  • Her:
    • "EAT! EAT! EAT!" replaces the old sign language (so continually signed by her in days gone by) and reaches feverish pitches before most others in the house are even out of bed; if "EAT EAT" doesn't do the trick, she'll bring me her high chair tray saying, "high chair, high chair!"
    • "Rozwy" for her favorite items at our house: the colorful beaded rosaries she wears around her neck at all times (except when sleeping)
    • "MWAH" with a big dramatic, cheesy kiss to smooth things over when she's been corrected
    • "Side, side!" in begging feverishly to be let outside to play
    • "Soseph" for Joseph
Luke and Leia's mom (a delightful friend and devoted parent) reports that their glee (his especially) begins right when they pull onto our street (a few blocks before arriving).  When their mom said goodbye to the twins Wednesday at departure (to visit far-away family) Luke laughed as she walked out the door, Leia cried. 

Luke's love affair with all things 'car' continues.

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Michelle said...

That post brightened my day! I'm so glad to hear the twins are doing well.