Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Admitted @ 4 {University Dilemma}

Admitted to 4: Thomas More, Notre Dame, Washington State, University of Puget Sound; wait-listed at 1: Hillsdale;  Zachary's university selection now enters its final phase.  Presidential scholarships and merit based financial awards sweeten the admission deals offered by these various universities.  Congratulatory phone calls, emails, letters of welcome, and invitations to 'admitted' gatherings are all flashy lures in this sea of selection. With at least one more campus visit on his horizon, Zachary has a few weeks in which to finalize his plans for next fall. 

Zachary's choices:
  • attend a prestigious Catholic university on a large campus in the Midwest 
  • attend a devout Catholic liberal arts college on a small campus in the Northeast
  • attend a local liberal arts university on a small campus with optional participation on swim team in the Northwest
  • attend a state school on a large campus in Eastern Washington, earning a BA in 2 years (2 years credit given for running start course work)
Each university on his list comes with its own benefits and costs; each comes with some distance to travel and some climate adjustment.  Good advice abounds, but some voices can also cloud the waters with overt enthusiasm for one choice over another.  Above all, we want Zachary to follow God's will for his life and to choose wisely the school which can best support him on his path. 

And now, the million dollar question lingers: What will Zachary decide??? 

Will you please say a prayer for Zachary?

Jesus, I trust in You!


Crystal in Lynden said...

Why do I get all teary eyed reading these posts?

Carolynn said...

That is a fabulous problem to have. I will be praying for wisdom, and discernment.

Colleen @ ID said...

Congratulations! Great choices!