Sunday, April 15, 2012

Clean Dogs, Book Burning and Broken Skin {7 Quick Takes}

Ordinary dog washing doesn't have the thrills that dog-washing-while-dodging-water-balloons has.  Just ask Joseph, who somehow managed to wash both dogs and avoid being pelted by water balloons on a recent sunny afternoon. Neither Charlie nor Rocky found anything thrilling about being hosed down and shampooed when they had excitedly assumed someone was going to take them for a w-a-l-k when the sounds of the gathering of leashes and collars reached their ears. 

Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled that Joseph decided to bathe the beasts without even being asked.  However, the placement of the bathing operation (a few feet from the front door) did make me wonder if we are ready for dog washing 201.  Having deleted all the carpet on our main floor and stairs, the visible damage and dirt from dogs and boys has been severely reduced, mostly, sort of.

A 2+ hour webinar last week especially geared for home school students with entrepreneurial tendencies was a huge hit with Joseph and Peter.  But the real huge hit came at the closing infomercial where you can 'join' the program for only three easy installments.  The boys were ready to sign up, and granted, if the promises for potential income were to come true, the program would pay for itself several times over.  But let's just say we did not hit the 'buy it now' button.  The e-tips gleaned may bear fruit in some future money making scheme, or it may fade away like the great ideas of yesterday.

It's not every day you get to have a book burning at Church!  With the new translation of the Roman Missal, the proper way to dispose of the old books is burning, and I'll bet you can guess who jumped at the opportunity to head up this service project in the hours before our Easter Vigil began.  Before long, the fire ring was surrounded by males of all ages ready to pitch printed pages into the flames.

"Hi!" he said.
"Hi!" he repeated.
I think perhaps Luke heard a reply!
Another day at the office for Zachary at the Eagle Project carport site on Saturday, with a few adults and a brother to cut the 2x12's for the outriggers to hold up the fascia and install the 4x6 supports.  Once again the weather was amazing and although a hefty to-do list remains for the project to be complete, a little progress is better than no progress.

Zachary's shin took had a run-in with a slab of concrete at his Eagle Project during clean-up yesterday.  I'm pretty sure that lower puncture wound needed a stitch (or at least some glue), but my vote wasn't counted in the official balloting.  According to Zachary's version of the mishap, either he was leaping over a tall building in a single bound, or he was testing the strength of the concrete.
Tim's take sounded more like someone avoiding ten whole steps by taking a shortcut.  You decide!

Thanks, Jen, for hosting 7 Quick Takes!


Anonymous said...

That gash looks an awful lot like the one Eric had after swinging on our bad rope swing many years ago. Do you remember that?
Know that I love you and all your children, birth and "foster". Aileen

Hen Jen said...

dog washing at my house is a big ordeal- for us and the dog!

we have only wood and tile floors in our house, I do not miss carpet at all! It's so much easier to keep clean with kids and pets. I'm visiting from conversion diary- you have a lovely blog and family :)

ZA said...

@Anon041520122130: Dad told that story about three minutes after it happened. I believe Eric asked the same thing you did when Mom talked to him a few hours afterwards...