Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flight from Reality {Our Eventful Journey Home from New Hampshire}

Medics evacuate our fellow passenger on an emergency landing in Chicago.

Flying home from our visit to Thomas More College in New Hampshire, Zachary and I found ourselves in the middle of a medical emergency requiring an urgent landing in Chicago.  A brief synopsis:

  • Zachary announced that the man seated next to him wasn't well.
  • Flight attendants and friends of the man rushed to his aid.
  • The man had no pulse, and was not breathing.
  • His lifeless body was hauled to the back of the plane as the pilot announced an emergency landing in Chicago. 
  • Passengers with medical training stepped into action and resuscitated the man.
  • Upon landing in Chicago a team of medics boarded the plane on a mission to stabilize, evacuate and transport the passenger to a local hospital.
  • We spent a few hours on the ground in Chicago while the in flight medical kits were re-stocked and the triage area in the galley was sanitized. 
  • After a few hours, we received news that the passenger had survived the ordeal and would likely be released within 24 hours.
 Our arrival into SeaTac was delayed about two and a half hours, and we pulled into Bellingham around 2 AM, only to find our quiet residential street barricaded by police cars, flashing lights and all.
An apparent man hunt was underway in our neighborhood.  We spotted an abandoned car surrounded by another fleet of police vehicles a few blocks away as we drove around to enter our neighborhood from the southeast.  Parked in our driveway, slightly concerned that a crazed lunatic might be hovering in the shadows looking for a get-a-way vehicle and perhaps a few hostages, we decided to make a run for the front door, and entered the house safely.

Home sweet home!


Jill said...

WOW!!! Takes the cake for rough flight stories.

Buhler family said...

Oh my! Talk about a memorable trip and home arrival!! I bet you are happy to be back to the old routine.

Unknown said...

You can't make this stuff up, Bridget. God places us exactly next to someone whose Irish grandmother, (Aren't they all?)probably now in heaven, has been interceeding for the lost sheep to come home. So God thinks to Himself, "H-mmm I could work Bridget and Zachary in on Thrusday, let's get them on a plane."