Saturday, April 21, 2012

Thomas More College of Liberal Arts {Campus Visit}

Entrance to Thomas More College

Joining a quad of freshmen, as a guest on a top bunk in the men's dormitory, Zachary did not get nearly the 12+ hours of sleep I managed to accumulate sleeping solo in a hotel room near campus on our first night in New Hampshire.  After the previous travel day with very little sleep, that first night's recovery did the trick for me.  Zachary, on the other hand, probably banked barely a few decent hours of sleep, and in fact rolled out of bed only minutes before his first class which began at 9AM (just like at home!).  

Despite being well rested and recovered, I managed to tip over my morning cuppa coffee at the hotel, which fried my cell phone in the process.   There were endless refills on coffee in the lobby, so I survived; my cell phone didn't fare so well and devolved to texting functions only.

Thomas More College chapel (double doors) and cafeteria (side door)

 Main altar and surrounding beauty inside the chapel at Thomas More College

The chapel at Thomas More College, where our Lord is truly present in the tabernacle 24/7, is a sacred space frequented often by students and faculty throughout the day.  While I enjoyed an afternoon read on a sunny bench outside the faculty building, I witnessed an active faith alive and well on campus as many stopped in at the chapel to visit with our Savior, some staying for prolonged prayer and others simply dropping in for a brief pause in His Presence before going on about their day's business.  Our Lord has truly blessed this campus and His people who are called to study, work and worship within.

 Thomas More's resident iconographer/art teacher, David Clayton, gives Zachary at tour of his workshop/guildhouse and his latest icon which is currently 'under construction.'

 Formerly the sheep stalls, now the 'caf' for students and faculty

An immersion campus experience for Zachary, his full day at Thomas More College included attending classes in art, humanities, religion, and satire (literature).   We met for lunch in the 'caf' and shared another amazing home cooked meal around a table with new friends and another visitor, a girl from Chicago who had just arrived on campus for a 24 hour stay.  To say that the students and faculty at TMC were friendly would be quite an understatement~ the people on campus were truly delightful and showed outstanding hospitality.

An after lunch tour given by instructor David Clayton, resident artist and iconographer, led us through the chapel and the art guild classroom/workshop and gave us an inside peek into TMC's well planned, intentional, sacred beauty and glimpses of future projects and enhancements for the campus chapel.  The gift of art is a living gift at TMC, and an appreciation for beauty thrives.  The TMC liberal arts program includes a sophomore semester in Rome, where TMC has a satellite campus and where students are steeped in history, art appreciation and gain a greater understanding of the universal church.

 Thomas More College classrooms and library building

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