Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jelly Beans and Big Decisions {7 Updates}

The suspense has skyrocketed, as Zachary must declare his university decision in 24 hours.   We trust his discernment strategy, which apparently includes rolling dice and keeping a chart with a few fake columns and written in runes, yet we are on the edges our seats in anticipation of finally knowing where his higher education will happen.  In fact, in order to relieve a little of the insanity tension at home, this afternoon we gave him a little bell and told him to ring it when he's ready to announce his decision.  No ringing yet; we'll keep you posted!

After many, many hours of hammering, sawing, measuring, spending, lifting, laying, lifting, climbing and stapling, Zachary's Monster Eagle Project is nearly complete.  Passing the framing inspection last week means the final phase of roofing and staining can soon begin.  The chosen roofing materials require a special order, so another small delay has presented itself.  Without the tireless efforts and unparalleled patience (not to mention expertise) of amazing Scout dads like Tom G. and my husband Tim, this project of Zachary's would have been in stall mode for another many moons.   But Zachary (with friends like Chris, below) have learned a great deal along the way and can take pride in the job well-almost-done.

Thursday night I had a very strange dream wherein a chubby little baby boy gave me a mouth-to-mouth black jelly bean.  On Friday evening we attended a 25th wedding anniversary for friends where a little dish of black jelly beans greeted us at the entry.  How odd, I thought, and told another unsuspecting person about my bizarre dream with the baby and the slimy jelly bean exchange while Tim brought our potluck dish to the reception area.  I sat down with a handful of black jelly beans, and when Tim joined me in the row, I offered him one.  He popped it in his mouth, then quickly asked, "What kind is it?" "Licorice," I answered.  Next thing I knew, he was leaning over as if to kiss me, and returned the unwanted jelly bean mouth to mouth!  (No, he had not heard about the dream!) 

Tim and I don't get out much, so the 25th wedding anniversary celebration for our friends Friday night was kind of a big deal.  Rather than following the dress code and donning black and white attire like all the other guests (including infants and small children), we chose muted browns and blues.  Sitting in the back row swapping spit jelly beans and trying not to stand out despite our obvious lack of careful invitation reading was a challenge.  Just to make the whole event a little more memorable for everyone involved, we had a small fire at our table, which Tim successfully extinguished by dumping a bottle of water on the flaming paper flower and smashing it flat on the white table cloth.  There's never a dull moment when you party with us!

Trench digging 101 began in our backyard this week to prepare to run a power line to the new pigeon loft.  Are the pigeons afraid of the dark?  No, but having a light at the loft will allow for late night  bird care should the important chores be 'forgotten' during daylight hours.  Grandpa Cliff and the boys planned a few more days of construction for the door and entry steps and for installing electricity and lights.   Fellow home schooled Boy Scout and good friend, Enoch, willingly helped with the digging, demonstrating an outstanding work ethic in the process.

Today is the Feast Day of St. Catherine of Siena, though it was superseded by the 4th Sunday of Easter feast. We have fond memories of the time we spent in St. Catherine's home town of Siena, Italy, while on our family pilgrimage.  We slept only a few steps from her little home.  Such a brilliant and holy woman.  St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us!

Ezra sent his first letter home since entering Job Corps and moving away in late March. He gave a general update on his life at Job Corps and shared his goals, "For now my plans are get my GED (and) HSD, finish my trade and do the ACT program."  Ezra also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to live with us for two and half years, "Thank you for letting me stay at your house it was nice."  Our hearts were moved with gratitude at this simple gesture, and continue to hold him in our prayers and hope that his future is bright.  Please send all your extra prayers out for Ezra's littlest brother, Apollo, who continues to struggle with breathing, sleeping and eating even after his heart surgery to repair a double aortic arch.

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