Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday {Our Lord's Passion and Death}

Jesus Dies on the Cross
Via Crucis (Way of the Cross; Station XII) San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy

One year ago today, we said goodbye to our son, Zachary (16), who flew from Italy unaccompanied to return home in time for his spring quarter classes.  After parting with him, we drove for many hours across Italy to the place of St. Pio, a small town called San Giovanni Rotondo.  Our arrival into SGR brought us to the Church of Santa Maria della Grazie just in time for 6PM Mass.  In the morning, we walked the uphill trail following the Stations of the Cross, pausing at each station to mediate upon the suffering our Lord endured for our salvation.  

As we celebrate the sacred mysteries of this Triduum, I am ever aware of the mystery surrounding Zachary's next step in life, and unite my prayers for his university decision making with the loving and ongoing care and prayers of our communion of saints and angels.  I draw courage and strength as a mother in all things by looking to our Blessed Mother Mary and the tremendous virtue she modeled as Christ's lifelong and closest disciple. 

In a special way today, we remember our Blessed Mother's broken (pierced) heart as she witnessed the brutal crucifixion of her Son.   We lift in prayer in a particular way the mothers (and fathers) who have known the unspeakable pain of the death of a beloved child.  We praise God for the gift of His only Son, given fully and completely to save our souls.

May your Good Friday be blessed...

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