Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holy Thursday {Our Lord's Last Supper}

Celebrating the Last Supper of our Lord at the Holy Thursday Mass ushers us into the most solemn, holy three days of our liturgical year.  With grand entrance processions on Palm Sunday, we launched into this Holy Week, and tonight's silent recessional allows us to follow Christ through his agony, Passion and death to the glory of his resurrection on Easter Sunday. 

We lift up in prayer:
  • our entire Christian world, longing for a unity Christ proclaimed
  • those who have grown indifferent and lukewarm toward our Savior who suffered so for our salvation
  • those who have yet to know Christ and pray that we can become the 'glow in the dark' Christians whose very lives give witness to His saving power and endless love and mercy
  • all those who are burdened by sin and suffering and pray that they may be set free and be reborn in Christ
  • our holy priests on this day as we remember the birth of their priesthood and pray for their protection and sanctification, and with deep gratitude for their sacrifices and leadership
  • our praise and thanksgiving for the ultimate gift of the Holy Eucharist, given by Christ in the upper room on this very day ~ for Christ is truly present in Holy Communion every day!
  • those who are still waiting for the sacraments, may they be given special graces to persevere 
  • those who have passed down the faith to us and prayed for us along our journey
  • and you!
A blessed Holy Thursday to you and yours.

Flashback photos: Holy Thursday 2009

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