Monday, April 16, 2012

365 Days Ago {Rome, Italy}

Missing Zachary, who flew home early for running start classes, our family bids Rome farewell.

One year ago today, we stomped around Rome one last time, back from Siena, Padua, and Venice, and other amazing stops on our three week family pilgrimage in Italy.  We were in Rome on Pope Benedict XVI's 84th birthday; the boys met a cardinal at St. Peter's, we attended Palm Sunday Mass at St. Susannah's and visited Bernini's St. Teresa in Ecstasy one last time.

Today we packed up our travel bags again, and some of the very same clothes we wore in Italy are heading to the East Coast in a few hours.  There are four of us flying (+2 grandparents) to 2 different destinations, with flights departing from SeaTac within 15 minutes of each other.  We will be sleeping in 3 different places tomorrow night, and 2 of us will be home before Friday.  One of us will be taking care of the dogs and birds and working hard to pay the bills.

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