Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swimmer of the Month
The March Swimmer of the Month
for the Novice group is Joseph!

The boys' swim team coaches award a swimmer of the month, and Joseph it it!  Read what his coach wrote about him below.  The award is posted in a glass display case at the pool, and as it turns out, Joseph might wish he'd taken a slightly more, er, normal pose for the photo.  We're proud of his hard work and of his promotion to the next level on the swim team.

Joseph has been in the Novice group all year long, and has always been a hard worker, but a couple of months back he came to me after practice one day and told me he had aspirations of moving up to the Junior group and wondered how he might go about doing that. We talked about the expectations of the Juniors- how they are a more endurance-focused training group and that good behavior and ability to focus are required to make the transition. Joseph listened very carefully and took my advice seriously. I could tell as he walked away that the wheels were churning in his head and he was thinking about what I had said.

About two months later, I am delighted to say that Joseph is ready to make the move. He has always been a great kid but the transformation I have seen in him within the last couple of months has been remarkable; I have never seen him more focused and goal-driven and he is definitely ready to take the next step in his competitive swimming career. I am sad to see him go, but looking forward to watching as he develops as a swimmer and a fantastic young man. Nice work, Joseph!

                                                    -Coach Chelsea J

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