Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fixer Upper

The problem: leaky pipe; prevents use of backyard hose.

The solution: most of a Saturday; blow torch; muliple trips to the hardware store for parts;
consultation with Grandpa Cliff; and a piece of bread (to hold up a slow drip long enough to torch the pipe).

The result: a happy lad, able to use the backyard hose to supply water to birds and plants.
(First use blasted out the mushy bread bits.)

The fine print:
A few hours of total chaos; a gigantic mess;
water shut off during final hours of preparation for hosting a gathering at our house
when baking & cleaning had to be put on hold for the completion
of what turned out to be a challenging project.

Was it worth it?

Thank you to Tim, Peter and Cliff for fixing the leaking pipe!

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