Monday, May 31, 2010

Checkmate Pawn Loaners
Ski 2 Sea 2010
Tim's 2010 Ski 2 Sea team:
Mark (downhill boarder), Eric (road biker), Kristy (XC skier), Tanja (kayaker), Mike (mountain biker), Carin (co-canoeist), and Josh (runner); not pictured: Tim (canoe anchor).

Our Ski 2 Sea team performed very well, finishing in the top half of well over 400 teams.
They guessed their times to within about 10 minutes, which is amazing considering the race has 7 legs and is over 90 miles long.  Kristy's leg was first, beginning at 8AM on Mt. Baker, and Tanja finished the kayak leg just after 5PM on the shores of Bellingham Bay.

We were able to watch the end of Eric's ride, in Everson, where he handed off to Tim & Carin for the canoe leg.  We tried to cheer for them at 3 different bridges along the route, but just didn't catch them.
Seeing their finish, and the hand off to Mike on the mountain bike was exciting, though.

The feast hosted by Tim's & Eric's parents after the finish was fit for kings, and queens.
Another great S2S event behind us.

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