Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Just wait 'til your father gets home...
...then you can shoot the rats!

The sign posted on the front door shows dad (and any visitors to our home) the rat count for yesterday.
For the boys had spotted rats stealing chicken feed (and compost) and they were outraged.
Excited.  Agitated.  Animated.  Passionate. Vindictive.  Determined.  Creative.  Hilarious.

Peter started a written tally for their rat count, and claimed over 60 sightings. 
Probably the same one rat, running in & out right?
Not so, not so.  For there was "two potato" (named for his size; as shown by Peter below) and "simon,"
and then there were the smaller females.
Rarely are the boys quite this excited for dad to get home from work.
But the opportunity to hunt rats from the back deck with dad's permission (and supervision), makes waiting for dad to get home almost painful!
Ezra created a rat trap using simple materials from around the house, something he says his friends in Liberia taught him how to do.  By morning, his trap had a captive, for which Peter paid Ezra 50 cents.
Joseph waited eagerly for another rat spotting to begin his hunt.
Tim was able to shoot a rat (with the BB gun above). 
That rat did a spectacular back flip before running away, injured.
This was a highlight of the boys' day, for sure.
Judah readies the bow & arrow for his shot at the vermin.
Unfortunately, the bow lacks the power to do any real damage, but it's fun for target practice.

Grandpa Cliff also played an important role in the rat extermination efforts,
having received an urgent phone call from Peter alerting him to the infestation.
Grandpa came a few hours later, bringing poison, which was placed very carefully to avoid the possibility of dog or chicken poisoning.  I wish I had a photo of the boys flanking him as he strategically placed the toxins in the back yard.

This is my life with boys!


christopher said...

this is soo hilarious! oh, it's too funny!

Acolythus said...

Incidentally, "the boys" usually refers to the younger two...