Monday, May 17, 2010

Reborn in Christ

On this day, May 17th, in the year 1998, 
our second child, Joseph Arthur, was baptized into the Body of Christ.
His Godparents, (his uncle Peter John and our dear friend, Aileen), together with Tim and I,
answered the question put to us on Joseph's behalf:
"What do you ask of God's Church?"
"Faith through baptism!" 

What a gift to continue to watch Joseph grow in his faith, to witness his acts of love and charity, and to share daily prayer, Eucharist, and the hope of eternal life with him!

Guess who reminded me that today was the anniversary of Joseph's baptism?
Joseph himself!
The indelible spiritual mark given to Joseph at baptism when he was almost 3 months old 
is the greatest gift we could ever ask for him.

Joseph, pictured on his baptism with Tim's family: Grandpa Cliff, Great Aunt Elaine, Grandma Billie, Tim's cousin Chelsea, Bridget, holding Zachary, Tim, holding Joseph, Great Grandpa Paul, Uncle Craig, and Tim's cousin Paul with wife Dom (back).

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