Saturday, May 1, 2010


Drove the shuttle to the SAT exam this morning.
Zac and 2 friends, carpooling to the big event.

We stopped at house #3 to pick up our final passenger, and I commented on how prepared he was with his #2 pencils and his calculator.

Zac jumped in, "Do you have your photo ID and your admission ticket?"
Before #3 could reply, #2 blurted, "PHOTO ID!  Photo ID......"
But it was too close for comfort, there would be no turning around to retrieve the missing item.  We discussed whether or not #2 would be allowed in to the exam without photo ID when #2 admitted, "I forgot my admission ticket."

At which point, said testee determined that this would not be SAT day after all.
Luckily, a previously taken (and good score) SAT will suffice for #2.

Do you remember your SAT day?

I remember a good friend who had stayed up too late the night before (with the help of No Doze) to complete a big homework assignment.  On the day of SAT I ran into her in the bathroom on a break, and she was a wreck.  One of the smartest kids in our class, and a total mess on the morning of her SAT. 

God bless all the SAT takers today!


Renee from A Baker's Dozen said...

Oh, yes, I remember. It was a horrible dark, snowy day. I left early morning (we lived a half hour out of town). Hit a slick spot, did a 360 on the road, ended up in the ditch. Luckily I got out w/ my four wheel drive Jeep. Not a good start to my morning...

Molly said...

The first time I took it, we got stuck in the facility for two extra hours because a kid tried to cheat on the test (we really should have called to have the scores cancelled, because it was a HUGELY hostile environment!).

The second time I took it, I forgot my ID and full on ran back to my parents' house to get it (Mom drove me back to the test center in time). I'm convinced that the reason I did so much better the second time was getting some unanticipated exercise.