Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chilly Parade

Yes, it was a cold, wet afternoon for a Ski 2 Sea parade, but fun none the less.
We perched on "our corner," which we found staked out by our good friends (and fellow S2S participants)with whom we have shared almost every Ski 2 Sea parade.

The pirates were in full swing, as were the belly dancers and the high school marching bands.
We knew many marching musicians, from youth group and Scouts.
We heckled 2 of them (good fun) to try to get their attention, but they showed great discipline staying in formation .

Our team has arrived, and the expected finish times are posted on the white board.  High hopes!
Having to fill 2 vacated canoe spots just one week before race day made for some added drama this year.
Just his luck, Tim is back in the canoe, having swapped out of mountain bike, since it's an easier leg to sell.
Let's hope he doesn't end up swamped & stranded on an island again; that was his worst S2S ever.

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