Monday, May 10, 2010

Power of Prayer

Stan's daughter, Sally, collected his groceries on Saturday, and told us that
Stan's doctors were amazed at how well he was recovering.

Yesterday Zachary and I visited Stan and meet his wife and daughters Katie and Jeannie at the ICU.
Stan has made amazing progress over the weekend, and the emergency brain surgery was successful.

I introduced myself and Zachary to him, and he made a gentleman's effort to shake our hands,
though he could just barely lift his arm.
We asked Stan if we could pray with him, and he said yes.
He gave his best effort at making the sign of the cross, and said most of the Lord's Prayer with us.
We gave him a prayer shawl as a gift from our Church. 
He remembered Sacred Heart and said it was one of his favorite places.

His wife, Clare, told me that Stan had a skiing injury about 10 years ago (in his 70's)
and she thinks that's probably why he lost his balance and fell in the parking lot Friday.
Skiing in their 70's (and 80's) that's inspiring!

Still praying for Stan and his family...

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christopher said...

God bless you! I wish I was there to witness it! but I can only feel proud to know you from this side of the wall of bits and bytes.