Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Backpacking Season Begins

The weather cooperated for the season's first backpacking camping trip.
Joseph was able to take his buddy, Charlie along on this trek.
Charlie loves hiking with Joseph.

Zachary hiked the 4 miles (x2) with a dutch oven in his pack... well most of the miles anyway.  Help was secured for the final leg of the journey, to prevent "his vertebrae from snapping."
Pretty extreme, but it made baking (and eating) a birthday cake for Ezra's 18th
possible for the evening's entertainment and enjoyment.
They fixed potatoes and steak for dinner, not your average backpacking menu to be sure!
The views of Mt. Baker from the campsite are spectacular.

Here's the crew, pre-departure, ready to hit the trail (all but Tim, who took the photo).


christopher said...

Zac... that is a legit cap you got on.

Acolythus said...

I was thinking I would go with it for Nerf Wars over the summer...