Wednesday, September 24, 2008


First: Peter, Boaz and Enoch work together with the Quadrilla set.

Second: Joseph and Judah go for a height record.

Third: Zachary gives Judah reason to suspect his gaming strategy.

Next: Peter plays Take Off with Boaz and Ezra.

Last: Judah, Boaz, Enoch, Peter, Ezra, Joseph and Collin prepare for a departure to the land of berry picking.

Q: What could be better than a gorgeous autumn day?

A: A gorgeous autumn day with a bunch of friends over for homeschooling adventures!

Let's just call it boys' day~ with educational games, plenty of PE, role playing activities, forestry exploration and first aid training too! This week we also studied and completed the "Whittling Chip" for the purpose of earning the right to carry a pocket-knife in Scouts.

One of our guests made an extreme effort to earn the privilege of coming over first thing in the morning: waking up before his parents and diligently completing his school work without being asked! (Joseph called him the night before, reminding him to get to bed early so he could get up and finish his work by 10am.)

Peter and Joseph had completed a "double-day" of school work on Monday to make Tuesday's event possible. Zachary also got a very early start on his day (6am?) to complete his assignments in time for the festivities. Nothing like a delicious "carrot" to make us buckle down and get some work done so there's more time to play!

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