Thursday, September 4, 2008

Creek Creations 101
What could be better than several hours of free time, a nice day, a brother and a few friends with tools? Probably nothing if you ask Joseph! The "big muddy" across the street has become the site of a dam building project. (um, there is a small conflict here with Leave No Trace...)

What was once a free flowing portion of the creek is now slightly less free flowing due to the harvesting of local clay, the relocation of large stones, moss, and quite a few logs and sticks.

There are free flowing tracks leading from the front door to the boys' bathroom, even after the hose has been employed as the first level of defense against "big muddy invasion of home."

On another note, here's something you would hope NOT to overhear the boss dude-painter telling his worker dude-painter while they are working at your house, "Dude, you just can't be so worried about all those details... you are such an over-achiever!"

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Aileen said...

This is wonderful. I think it is the PERFECT way for you to share your writing and photos. I feel like I just had a little phone call with you and caught up on the last few weeks.
I sent an email to Zac's email address. Did he mention my note to him? I hope it didn't freak him out that I wrote to praise him. I think your boys are wonderful and am glad they are part of our Carrell Family life. Would love to figure out a way to see you and catch up. In the meantime, keep the faith. Learning to love - Aileen