Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Not Back to School~
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The day always comes when the school buses (or "death wagons" as they are not-so-affectionately known by our young boys) roar by signaling the beginning of another school year. We have traditionally known this day as "not back to school day" and it reflects our deeply felt freedom as we continue to school-at-home.
Day 1 of our official homeschool year was a day heavy on the PE curriculum, with Peter and Joseph playing lacrosse, football, soccer, baseball, and Frisbee. Favorite quote from day 1 PE: "I stepped in a fresh pile!" (Yes, a pile of dog doo... which might send some of us running for
the bleach, but was merely something bearing mention when I checked up on their game.) NOTE: Soap and hot water were employed when the feet entered the house... after about 5 minutes of 'forgetting' about the fresh pile incident.
Zachary continued his daily cross country running practices at our local high school. The new sport has been both enjoyable and an excellent ongoing physical fitness opportunity.
Day 2 began with Joseph's motivated self-start on his math lesson before 7am. His goal was not only to complete his math lesson before breakfast, but to earn a trip to the local off-leash dog park this morning with his dog, Charlie.
Peter's first order of business, after a brief stop at the Lego bin, was to work on a Bear (Cub Scout) achievement by reading about an American Folk Hero. His choice: Daniel Boone.


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