Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's that time again...
Time to spend Saturdays at the soccer park, cheering on our local athletes.
The big breakthrough for Peter's team this season is...
Peter thrilled one of his coaches when he exclaimed, "When we pass, it makes the game so much easier!"
When his other coach approached Peter's team for their post-game chat (pre-snack chat!) he asked them,
"Guess what the other team's coach just said to me?"
At least one eight-year-old player answered in a duh voice, "GOOD GAME??"
"Yes, I mean after he said 'good game.' He told me how impressed he was with your passing!"
The coaches were very pleased, and they should be. It's the fruit of many hours of their patient teaching and gentle nudging finally manifesting in real soccer action!
We spectator/parents were also impressed, as much with their excellent coaching and dedication to our boys as with our kids' performance on the field.

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