Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fan club
After performing in the second and final performance of Hansel & Gretel, Joseph poses with his fan club and signs his grandparents' programs.
The opera drew a full house for both shows, and the pre-opera kids' "explore the arts" activities were a big hit. One highlight for us was hearing our friends Ezra and Boaz playing the drum.
Our drive home from the opera was a musical experience, with each boy (all 7) in turn singing, "Give me some dinner...please!" in his best operatic voice. You can imagine the variety of tunes we heard!
On the ride home, each boy sang, "Thank you for taking me to the opera!" There was more laughing than singing, but the extension activity still counts, doesn't it?
Joseph is looking forward to seeing the opera, as there will be a DVD made available soon.
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