Tuesday, September 23, 2008

(above: Joseph and Collin play "ring the monkey on the bike" along our sidewalk today)

As we were driving home yesterday, I made the briefest blink of eye contact with a man walking on the sidewalk ~ and felt like I had made eye contact with Satan himself! I can't explain it, but I felt guilty immediately for having jumped to such a horrible image based one one peek into that man's eyes.... I decided to pray for him right then, and asked forgiveness for the leap to the extreme label!

RIGHT then, from the back seat, Joseph asked, "Mom, do some people get sidewalk rage?"
I knew right away that he, too, had seen the look on that walking man's face (and contemplated the extreme feelings that must have been emanating from him). After a chuckle over the idea of an actual diagnosis of sidewalk rage, I shared my initial reaction to the man's face with him and just reminded him that we are given our intuition or inner voice for a reason.

So far no nightmares.....


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