Monday, September 8, 2008

The Pitch for "Going Green"
So... I leave the younger boys home with Tim for a few hours and now they want a goat! And chickens! Apparantly this all came out of a discussion about what it means to "go green."
I was informed that we would be having a family meeting and taking a vote. There are 3 "yes" votes already, I'm afraid.
So... how many times today do you think I was asked if I had made up my mind yet?
Pulling into the grocery store parking lot to groans of displeasure I heard about how we wouldn't need to go grocery shopping if only we had a goat... and chickens. When I mentioned it was potatoes I was purchasing today, what do you think I heard next?
"How do we grow potatoes?"
Perhaps this is all really just a bad reaction to too many stops at the grocery store(s) over the years? Or perhaps it is just a phase. (One boy did nearly offer to trade having a pet frog for the whole goat/chicken thing... but changed his mind before we could shake on it!)
At any rate, I have friends with goats, and have personally experienced the "joys" of pre-dawn milking when our family "goat-sat" for some friends of my parents when I was young. I am just not sure I want a goat. I don't have anything against goats, per se.
Will this blow over? Or will we be generating a whole new range of potential noise complaints?
Stay tuned!

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