Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look Out Below!
The children's choir peeks down into the orchestra pit after their final dressed rehearsal for Hansel & Gretel.

Do you recognize that little waving gingerbread man, soon to be brought to life by Hansel?
Yup~ it's Joseph in his opera debut!
He's onstage for 2 shows this weekend with the local chorale and symphony orchestra.

Upon hearing of Joseph's upcoming performance, a close friend commented, "I didn't know Joseph was an opera fan!"

Truth be told, this will be his very first opera experience. How he came to be involved in the first place is a story worth re-telling:

Joseph's participation in public singing did not grow out of his love of the opera or out of a desire to perform onstage, but rather out of my desire to have him sing louder in church! I grew weary of asking the boys to really sing at church... oh their hymnals are open, and their mouths are moving, but don't you think a person standing right next to them should be able to hear something?

So when I saw the open call for auditions of voices for this children's choir for Hansel & Gretel, I told all 3 boys they would need to at least participate in the audition. (As a learning experience, as an opportunity in the arts...) Well, you would have thought I had told Zachary he was going to have to eat raw hamburger! Let it suffice to say I decided not to pursue his participation any further.

Joseph and Peter auditioned fairly willingly, and a few of their friends came along to audition as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that Peter intentionally blew his own chance of being selected, but I don't have proof! He was not disappointed in the least that he did not make the final cut.

Joseph did make the final cut, and has been rehearsing for the past month or so with outstanding direction from the wonderful adults in charge. We are so proud of Joseph for sharing his beautiful voice with us and with our community. It's also really nice to have something for JUST Joseph. The biggest down-side has been the several late nights this week with rehearsals going until 10PM. His nerves are really tugging at him as the first performance draws near. He even opted out of his soccer game today so he could rest!

Tonight our family will attend, and tomorrow most of his grandparents and a whole van load of his friends will attend the matinee. I don't think I'll mention the whole "break a leg" business... the 18 foot drop into the orchestra pit seems to make that little statement a bit foreboding!

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