Monday, August 31, 2009

Saying Good-bye

to Chris

Zac's good friend and nerf wars compadre, Chris (3rd from left) has moved away. His family had to relocate for employment, and we will miss him dearly. It all came about quite suddenly, although we knew it was a very real possibility for some time.

We had a good send-off party for Chris, with a big dinner and time for RPG's and making plans for a reunion next summer at CBM. We all went to Mass together, and shared small group/coffee hour with Father before Chris headed off in the mini-van for his so called "exile in the desert."

It's never easy saying "goodbye" to someone we love, someone who brings such joy and exuberance to our lives. Life gives us goodbye's though. Learning how to say farewell and how to cherish the moments we have with one another are good lessons to learn. Might as well start now. You are loved.

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