Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A New Sport

This month's theme in our Boy Scout troop is Watersports and Motorboating.

After one meeting dedicated to reviewing first aid and refreshing (or learning) basic CPR, we met at the lake last night.

Friends of the troop (& Eagle Scouts) offered up their properties, their equipment & boats to give our Scouts an opportunity to try water sports.
For the older Scouts, getting up on water skiis proved to be a challenge, but do-able. Zachary thought it was "cool."

For the younger Scouts, the challenge was just slightly beyond their ability.
One of our first year Scouts did get up on 2 skis and get over the wake a few times!

Joseph was also able to get up... and then quickly back down! But he's excited to try it again.

Having grown up on the water and around lots of water skiing, it brought back great memories. What a gift for our Scouts to be able to try out a new sport. Many thanks to all the adults who made it possible.

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Shawn said...

At least you got my best side!