Sunday, August 2, 2009

Look Who's Flying Now!
Yesterday Joseph, Zachary, and 11 other Scouts joined a few pilots at our local airport to work on the Aviation merit badge.

They toured the control tower and learned about air traffic control. They participated in pre-flight inspections of the airplanes. They held the controls and "flew" the airplanes during 20 minute test flights over our city!

The event was coordinated for our troop by one of our adult leaders with a passion for aeronautics. He organized it through the Young Eagles program. Run by EAA (the Experimental Aircraft Association) Young Eagles sponsors aviation education programs, so there was no cost to our Scouts.

It's open to all kids ages 8-17, so if you know a kid who would like to take a free test flight, visit the Young Eagles website for more information!

After the tour & test flight, each of the boys was issued a certificate and a passport with a special code which allows them to take part in online extension activities. What a great program!

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