Wednesday, August 19, 2009

4 skiers

Zachary, Joseph and Peter (and I)were all able to get up on 2 skis at last night's Boy Scout meeting on the lake.

Zachary earned high marks for an AMAZING face plant (right after he had commented that falling when water skiing was much less painful than falling while snow skiing!). His face was red for some time... poor guy!

Joseph and Peter each coasted along on 2 skis, but wake crossing could not be mastered... YET! They popped right up on the skis, and after falls, they put the skis back on in deep water and gave it another go. Troopers!

I was able to ski last night, too. The boat full of youths were done skiing, and facing the long drive back to the dock without anyone in tow... I just had to volunteer my services!
Coasting to a stop at the dock was the highlight for me. I must admit, I had forgotten how many muscles are involved in water skiing.

I did have a few water skiing memories on the front of my brain:
  1. the time when my dad attempted to ski slalom after years of not skiing (or doing much exercise at all) and tore his hamstring almost immediately
  2. the time when my little brother attempted a dock stop w/ a boat operator (not me!) who didn't know the proper speed for approaching the dock... Peter John careened into AND THEN flip flopped over the float and into the water on the other side. He still has a battle wound from that incident. I am sorry to say I was laughing hysterically when it happened... until I found out he was really hurt. Poor kid, suffering with such a mean sister!
These images kept me playing it safe & sound behind the boat. Attempted to cross outside the monster wake at one point, and got a face full of water myself!

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Buhler family said...

It was a great evening, indeed. I tried to paste a picture of you coasting in this comment section, but I'm not that computer savy. You just have to check it out on my blog.