Sunday, August 9, 2009

Give it a Tri

Joseph and Peter competed in the local youth triathlon Saturday.

Joseph's recount:
"The swim was evil, because it was 400 meters! Biking was easy at first, but it got really hard at the first hill. I biked 3 miles, which would have been easy without the evil swim. The run (1 mile) was really hard, because it was at the end of the race and I hardly had any wind left. I was lucky to complete it!"

Peter relates:

"It was kind of easy. I didn't do too great in the swim. My goggles were leaking. I was fast in the transition to biking because I only put on tennis shoes. Everybody else dried themselves and put a shirt and socks and shoes on. Biking was pretty easy and I passed a whole bunch of people. When I jumped off my bike, I let my bike roll into a cone cuz I just thought, 'it's not my care' and I kept on running. The run was probably the easiest part, cuz I'm a good runner. I got 5th overall in my division (9-10yo). I finished in 20.33 minutes."

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