Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bye bye roosters

Unfortunately, both of Peter's Polish chickens turned out to be roosters....
The kind who start screaming at 5:30AM.
The kind who inspire your neighbors to call you at 5:31AM to complain!

Luckily, our good friends live on a farm in the county, and made room for these fancy birds.

Peter had a hard time saying goodbye, but then when he discovered our friends have a goat in need of a home... well, his spirits lifted significantly.

Now we're hearing, "Can I have a goat?" again about every 3 minutes.

We're off on our hike, in celebration of Zachary's 15th birthday today!

Happy birthday to Janell and to Hannah today, too!

God Bless our president Obama on his birthday today. We pray especially for a change in his heart for a new and profound respect for all human life!

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