Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Zachary's birthday hike to Elbow Lake proved to be quite the adventure.
Crossing the Nooksack River at the start of the hike was challenging and required careful footing on a log bridge.

We gained about 1,000 ft elevation on the 3.4 (+/_) mile hike to the lake, crossing several streams and venturing through old growth forests.

Once we arrived at Elbow Lake and started pulling out our lunches it became obvious that the stop at the lake would not be the highlight of our day, as the flies (biting) were in full force! The flies would avoid any areas recently sprayed with Off, but they would go looking for other parts of the body not yet covered with deet...

We sang to Zac with unlit candles propped in his sandwich, and took a few snapshots before heading back down the trail.

We opted to dip our feet at a creek crossing along the trail on the return trek rather than in the lake, just so we could get away from the flies' kingdom!

Later, we all enjoyed dinner together at home and went to Mass before heading to Scouts.

Joseph had his Board of Review for First Class, and was awarded his new rank last night!

Before bed, we sang to Zac (with lit candles) and had ice cream while Zac opened up many cards (with gifts!) mailed to him by family & friends.

Many thanks to everyone (near & far) who helped us make Zac's 15th birthday such a special day.
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Cristinejoy said...

Oh Bridge! How the time has flown since I remember you coming to WHAMs! What a wonderful mother to young men YOU ARE!!!