Sunday, October 5, 2008

smash & dash

That's our shop, that's a big hole in the roof/ceiling... and a big smash job on our jewelry case and gun case (made w/ the butt of the airgun seen on the floor next to the scooter). That's the damage done by a criminal who did not take home any of our stuff, thanks to a very loud alarm system, that is motion activated.

If you look closely you will see the rope w/ knots tied, which was used to lower the crook into our shop. The hole in the roof is about 2'x2' Because all valuables go into the safe at night, there was nothing of value in the display cases.
The police were there at 3:20AM, took our statements at 10, and fingerprints & evidence gathering from 2-4PM. There are a few leads, including a license plate from a suspicious vehicle reported behind the building at the time of the alarm/break-in.

One disturbing piece of evidence was uncovered when we reviewed the surveillance video... One of our employees arrived for work, walked right past the crime scene (disaster zone) and did not notice anything out of place.... HMMM???
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Renee said...

Well, Peter needs to work on his "Law Enforcement" achievement anyway, right?

Just kidding. Wow, kind of scary.