Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Moving Dirt
Today the boys moved 5 yards of topsoil for Grandpa Cliff. Their friends Ezra, Judah, Enoch and Boaz were also on the work crew. It only took them about an hour, and then they were treated to hot cocoa and cookies. After the job was done, they were free to hunt rabbits (the rabbits won) with swords.

I know they would have probably rather been rolling in the dirt, jumping in the dirt, or sliding on the dirt, but they really worked hard to get it spread around the garden for Grandpa.

The afternoon's activities included a picnic lunch on the driveway, and some bike riding and basketball.

Teamwork came into play when the garage door needed to be re-secured to the chain after the release cord had been "accidentally" pulled. They worked together until it was attached and the automatic opener would function again. Good news.

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