Thursday, October 30, 2008

Clay creations
The clay mined locally (across the street in the green-belt) is not only great for dam building, but also for sculpting. Peter formed a candle holder shaped like a pumpkin yesterday, and plans to display it on All Hallows' Eve (Halloween). The boys are very hopeful that we can get to a pumpkin patch today so they can carve jack-o-lanterns tonight.

The big event (All Saints' Day) will feature Saint Joseph (Joseph) and Saint George (Peter) at Mass on Saturday morning. The costumes are finally assembled and ready to wear and the excitement is building. The biggest dilemma is whether or not St. Joseph should have hair or not.

For our family, the secular events of Friday night have something to do with amassing candy, but the thrill of the chase is the primary motivation, combined with running through the neighborhood after dark with friends. We "buy back" the candy (save a few special varieties) at a pre-arranged price, and give it away to customers at our shop.

Zachary (14) has mixed feelings about wearing a costume this year... but he has suggested that he be allowed to hide in the yard after dark with a dis-armed chain-saw to scare trick-or-treaters.

This is our first year ever has homeschoolers that we have not participated in "Historical Halloween" with other families. The kids would give first person accounts of their characters to residents in nursing homes. Combining public speaking, community outreach, drama and history, it was a tradition well worth the efforts and struggles.
I miss it just thinking about it. But as with all things, there is a natural ebb and flow. Maybe we can get Historical Halloween up & going for next year. In the meantime, I need to prepare for a truck load of leaves arriving at our house soon.
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