Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Muscles Everywhere!

Who can resist the temptation to FLEX when mom's about to take your photo?

We're going to PUMP you UP!

A funny side note about the new hair cuts on Joseph and Peter: One of their friend's moms has recently made the decision to cut his hair at home to save money. Their friend told his mom that he was OK with having his hair cut at home... as long as she would agree not to cut it as short as Peter and Joseph's hair!

For the record, Joseph and Peter were adamant that I use the shortest attachment on our buzzer when I gave them their haircuts (at their urging.... begging!). I suggested that they let it stay a bit longer in these colder month, but they would not relent. What could I do? It's their hair!

Not too many days after the hair cuts, Joseph admitted that next time he's not going to ask for the shortest attachment... that he thought having a bit more hair this time of year would be a good idea! (He noticed the temperature difference! And he took some teasing from his long-haired soccer teammates...)

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