Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fish tales...

Down at the dam yesterday, the boys found a fish in the lower pool. They were able to catch it, and released it into the upper pool atop the dam. (This after a failed attempt to catch it and bring it home to show mom.)

Our question is, of course, whether or not the dam was impeding the fish's progress...

The size of the fish has been debated, best guesses put it between 5 and 8 inches.

The excitement of fish relocation soon gave way to the thrill of dam construction. Joseph and Collin "mined" clay, while Peter acted as general contractor.

Speaking of boys in the wild, did you see the story in the news today about the 13 year old Washington boy who ran away on the eve of his first day of public school (after being homeschooled, and following a divorce and break-up of his family)? He survived in the wilderness for 12 days on a (failed) attempt to reach a "Tracker School" in New Jersey! Now he says public middle school "doesn't have to be a bad thing." Bet middle school will be pretty boring compared to trying to survive in the mountains on his own for 12 days... but probably more comfortable and at least as safe.

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