Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buddies for life

Joseph and his black lab, Charlie, are the best of friends. We rescued Charlie about a year ago from a family that could not keep him. From the beginning, he's been Joseph's dog, and they have a very special bond.
Yesterday Charlie was a bad dog and ate out of Grandpa Cliff's compost pile~ one of the worst possible things a dog can ingest... corn on the cob. Uncle Craig and Aunt Bethany (both veterinarians) suggested emergency surgery to remove the cobs, which cannot digest and which can cause terrible problems.

Today Tim will be driving Charlie to Uncle Craig's clinic (about 3 hrs. away) to have the emergency surgery. Following surgery Charlie will once again be wearing "the cone" to keep the stitches clean and in tact. Some of you might have vague memories of the trauma Charlie suffered in his cone-wearing days following his neutering last year... or was it we who suffered?

At any rate, please pray for Joseph, and for the hands of our surgeon, Uncle Craig.

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