Thursday, October 9, 2008

burn, don't punch!
Making holes in leather pieces for a Webelos "Craftsman" project can be more work than fun... or more fun than work!

I borrowed a hole driving tool from a local cobbler this morning. So excited to prepare the leather pieces for tonight's meeting I began right away to punch the holes.
Little did I know it would require such great effort with the hammer (and such noise!) to penetrate the leather with the punch. After punching the first 6 holes (of 120 total holes needed) I enlisted the help of our Webelos Den Chief, Zac.

Zac was only able to punch 1.5 holes (one an a half holes) before it was time to leave for Mass. I could only explain the discrepancy in the total number of holes punched to our different levels of desire to have the holes punched!

Zac was inspired, however, to take a different and much easier approach to putting holes in the leather pieces.... burn them! Yes, I gave him permission, and Yes, it was MUCH easier and more efficient.

For a brief instant we considered allowing the Webelos to burn their own holes... but the thought of 20 nine and ten year old boys gathered around the blowtorch with red-hot sharp metal pokers brought us to our senses!

The only downside to this method is the lingering stench of burning cow (according to the fire master himself!).
Go Den Chief!
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