Thursday, March 1, 2012

New Plan for Ezra

The possibility of this particular chain of events had been (repeatedly and plainly) explained to Ezra.  We have openly discussed his freedom (free will) to do whatever he wanted and so chose independence; and reiterated his obligation to be obedient and respectful to us should he wish to remain in our home. 

We spelled out exactly what would happen if he chose to willfully disobey.  We hoped he would choose obedience and live within our guidelines for another month or two until his acceptance into Job Corps was finalized.  On Monday, Ezra's Job Corps acceptance letter arrived. At nearly 20 years old, yet in some ways still a child intellectually and emotionally, he stepped out and boldly began this new phase of his journey with the clothes on his back, a bus pass, and a small day pack.  Ezra continues to attend public high school and vocational training classes, and we have remained in close contact with his counselors and teachers.  We let him know through his counselor, that should he wish to be reconciled and obedient, he would be welcome to return home for these next few weeks leading up to his Job Corps beginning.

In some respects this outcome was predictable, but we hoped against hope it could somehow be avoided. Ezra had openly scoffed at the idea that he would end up sleeping on the floor of a homeless shelter, asserting that his 'friend' would house him.  Perhaps so, but as of today, he's been on his own, at least in the physical sense.  We have him covered celestially, with the fervent prayers of cloistered nuns in Kentucky, holy monks in Canada, our Archbishop in Seattle, our priest, and many dear friends and family.  We remain hopeful that this may be an opportunity for him to grow in virtue and learn better decision making skills for a successful future.

Please join in our prayers for Ezra: 
  • may Ezra draw close to God in this time of need
  • may Ezra allow God's endless mercy and perfect love to transform and heal him
  • may Ezra seek to be reconciled with those whom he has hurt
  • may Ezra be protected physically and spiritually 
  • may God's will be done in and through Ezra's life 
Jesus, I trust in you.

Zachary and Ezra, October 2008


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