Monday, March 26, 2012

Tree Trimming {Carport/Eagle Project}

Zachary vs the trees~

Slated for removal or trimming per the architectural designs, then spared for the sake of not changing the landscape too dramatically, these trees simply had to be topped to make way for the carport roof.  With a good friend and fellow acolyte, Zachary spent a few hours on Saturday doing battle with the branches.

Zachary's core team of skilled, knowledgeable adult workers took a well-earned day off to go sailing and spend time with their families, offering to come back on Sunday for another session of constructing the carport.  In their absence the planned Saturday work party was rescheduled for after Mass on Sunday, and Saturday became a supply gathering, tree trimming, plan studying kind of day.
Zachary carefully studies the plans before placing a large lumber order.

Kevin takes a whack at the hedge while Father Qui Thac admires the amazing view of the Puget Sound and San Juan Islands beyond.
Tim delivers a custom over-sized lumber order, marked creatively for safe and legal travel.
Architect Scott Piper reviews the plans with Zachary and Tim. 
Father Qui Thac, home safely from the house-building mission trip to Mexico, checks out the progress. 
Zachary makes a final materials list before for a Saturday shopping spree.


Suffolk County Tree Pruning said...

It's a shame that the trees had to be topped, hope they were pruned the right way to keep that "natural look"

Tree Removal Queens said...

I agree with the comment above. How many trees did you guys have to completely remove, or for the majority did you just prune them?

-Oscar Valencia

sam said...

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