Friday, March 30, 2012

University Calls {University of Puget Sound Campus Visit}

Visiting the old stomping grounds, the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, as the parent of a potential student seems slightly surreal.  And yet, that's my reality.  Zachary received his acceptance letter from UPS with the added bonus of a 4-year presidential scholarship, making it well worth the day trip to investigate the campus and sit in on a class.  Visiting the brick and evergreen campus where Tim and I attended undergraduate studies in the late 80's brought back fond memories for me and opened up exciting possibilities for Zachary. 

While on campus, I dropped in on my former advisor in the Communication Department, who happened to be at her desk preparing for a class.  She had no idea who I was, but it was nice to see her again and to introduce Joseph and Peter to someone who had such an impact on my life at university. 

Can you spot Zachary?

After joining an hour's talk introducing the university, we parted ways with Zachary, who spent the rest of the day touring campus, attending a class, sitting for interviews with the head of admissions and the head swim coach, as well as visiting the athletic facilities.  Joining students from California, Idaho, Colorado, and Oregon, Zachary was the lone Washingtonian in the group.  Interestingly, only two fellow visitors were admitted students; all the rest were probably juniors getting a head start on university discernment before the drop-dead decision deadlines approaching now. {Note to self: bring Joseph and Peter to visit campuses before spring of their senior year}.

Of note:
  • While touring the athletic facilities, Zachary had to laugh when the mother of a swimmer from So Cal asked in wonder, "But where is the outdoor pool?
  • While visiting the humanities class, Zachary volunteered to answer a question, "What was inside the acropolis?"
  • Next stop: WSU campus visit
  • One year ago today, we visited the Colosseum, Forum and St. Paul's burial site in Rome. 


Ann Marie said...

Be's so very liberal! If he attends, have him plug in to St Pat's or another local parish.

BRIDGET said...

Yes, one of their bragging points at the info session highlighted the point you made Ann Marie...

Ron Bahr said...

Call Isaac when you are headed to WSU... He is graduating this year and would love to give an inside tour..


Piano Safari said...

I love reading your blog, which I found through reading Renee's blog, which I found from reading other adoption blogs. Anyway, thanks for the pictures, as I get really nostalgic whenever I see pictures of or visit UPS (I live in OK right now and miss water and trees). I attended there 1992-1996 and had a fantastic time! I am a very Conservative Christian and felt like it was not as liberal a university as other places I visited. InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is very active on campus, and though one geology professor was convinced that we all came from star dust that turned into monkeys, we just ignored that part of the lecture and looked at the pretty rocks. I pray your son is able to make a great decision about where to go to college!