Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carport Going Up {Zac's Eagle Project}

After four years of planning and preparing to build a carport at the rectory at Sacred Heart, Zachary's Eagle Project grew wings this beautiful spring weekend.  Volunteer construction experts on hand with piles of tools and know-how~ Zachary's project finally took flight. 

As the group assembled to raise the carport, one small obstacle remained: Father Qui Thac's car.  Parked in the work zone (its usual reserved spot) the car might have prefered to wait for Father's return from the NCCM mission trip to Mexico.  A spare key  The work party, delayed for an hour or more, began to muse about using the forklift to relocate the vehicle, when fantastically, a spare key was located!

Serious man power was need to rotate the beams into position for raising.

Zachary tightens lag screws on the post.
Tim sets the post in place.
A meatless Lenten lunch served on Friday

Zachary, Peter, Joseph and Tim on the job site; some with steel toes, some with bare toes.
Mr. G expertly lifts the final beam with the forklift and sets it in place following meticulous hand signs from his co-workers to avoid upsetting a live power line overhead.

Zachary attempts a few pull ups on the new beam; punishable by splinters.

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