Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Carport Roof Takes Shape {Zac's Eagle Project}

Scout volunteers & our pastor Rev. Qui Thac Nguyen

An early morning phone call on Sunday awakened Zachary to the news that his construction-savvy-adults were not available for the rescheduled work party after all.  Rather than cancelling, Zachary rounded up other adults with know-how and forged ahead with the plans for an afternoon of sawing and hammering to place roof supports for the carport.   A big pot of chili, chips and home made cookies kept the energy levels and spirits high.

A team of Scouts and adults enjoyed the sunny Sunday outside together, with sure signs of progress to show for it.  At the close of the afternoon session, almost half of the roof supports were in place.  The carport-in-progress has already survived winds in excess of 60mph.  Another work party will soon be scheduled, following a short break for a little traveling to visit local universities.

Joseph on the hammer
Tim covered in sawdust
Peter and Mr. O hold the roof beam in place.
Joseph: not hiding from work, but from the ever present camera.
Another day closer to Eagle = progress to celebrate!

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Molly said...

Father looks like Saint Joseph, holding that hammer. Tell Zac it looks great!