Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebratory Battle {Joseph's 14th Birthday}

Joseph awoke in a celebratory mood on his 14th birthday, and dressed for Church without parental prompting.

Joseph spent most of the waking hours of his 14th birthday in battle (save a few peaceful hours at Church).  The weather cooperated, although for a neighborhood Nerf battle, the weather cooperating is of little consequence.  Big brother Zachary brought his A game, leading a crowd of willing warriors in a full-scale military-ish operation; complete with written 'missions' to follow for set points toward the ultimate victory.   And Zac's was the only true party foul, hopping in his car and driving away to foil Ezra's defensive maneuver to stay attached to it as a home base.  Suddenly relocating the home base out of Ezra's reach was a fine tactical move, but one that did not meet with (required) parental approval.

 Connor takes aim.
In a heated battle against the enemy, Ezra races for safety.
Collin and Joseph team up to defend against Zachary.

On Joseph's birthday party menu: Italian sausage pasta toss for dinner and ice cream pie for dessert.  On the party agenda: greet guests; battle; open a few gifts; battle; eat; battle in the dark; open a few more gifts; say good-bye to guests.  Outcome: a good time was had by all. 

This next year in Joseph's life promises to bring the beginning of his high school studies (continued home school with sports participation at the local high school) and the build-up to the beginning of a driving-permit experience.  He may very well choose to begin making steps toward an Eagle Project of his own, and will undoubtedly continue to seek high adventure in the great outdoors.   His texting skills continue to improve, and a big desire to maintain his cell phone privileges reign him in when he's almost heading out-of-bounds attitudinally speaking.  Good to his friends; one to love a prank and a good laugh; competitor extraordinaire; Joseph is a delightful, intelligent, and thoughtful young man, and a joy to know and love. 
There's no such thing as TOO prepared for battle.

Given to planning and organizing, Zachary's gifts were put to good use in leading Joseph's birthday battles. 
With perfect appeal, this gift for Joseph fit the day's theme to a T.
 Mini weapons of mass destruction... how fitting!
Fourteen and growing... we love you, Joseph!

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Wes said...

Love Ezra's expression [grin] interesting camo he's wearing