Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Chapter {Ezra @ Job Corps}

Working overtime, Ezra's guidance counselor convinced Ezra not to let his opportunity at Job Corps pass him by.  With her help, and a free bus ride sponsored by Job Corps, Ezra departed for a new beginning yesterday.  She stayed with him at the depot until his bus arrived, and personally asked the driver to assist Ezra with the transfer in Mt. Vernon.  He got on the bus holding his soccer ball like a teddy bear.

I met with Ezra briefly in the counselor's office at school before his departure encouraging him to put his best foot forward, and reminding him that he would be welcome to come visit us any time.  I told him that we have missed him these past few weeks and gave him a hug and a blessing. 

Ezra is now in the company of Keziah and Boaz, his Liberian cousin/siblings, who were anxiously awaiting his arrival and looking forward to helping him learn the ropes of the Job Corps way of life.

Your prayers for Ezra are greatly appreciated... keep storming heaven for him, will you?


Crystal in Lynden said...

Thank you for this update. He has been on my mind.

Anonymous said...

We will keep praying! This is tremendously good news. God bless Ezra on his new journey and God bless your family for sheparding him. Xoxo, Aileen