Friday, February 10, 2012

Post Season Begins {Shaving Event}

In a garage-turned-barbershop, Zachary's teammates buzzed and clipped away months of growth in preparation for the beginning of post-season swimming today.  In hopes that their silky smooth skin will help them go faster and improve their times, they willingly sacrificed vanity for efficiency.   The buzz cuts and full body shaving certainly set swimming apart from most other sports.  Of course, not all the swimmers and divers {Ezra} desired to have any part of the barbering action, and took precautions such as disappearing (leaving without saying good-bye), wearing hoods, wearing caps and hoods, and hiding in the dark bushes {Ezra}.

In an attempt to convince Ezra to lose the doo, Zachary sneaks up on him with the clippers.

Hunting Ezra in the dark of night, Zachary and teammates attempt to coerce him to get clipped. 

In the end, only those desiring a buzz cut were shorn.  The rest escaped the clippers.

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Unknown said...

Real men shave their heads. Real, REAL men hunt down those who don't. :)