Thursday, February 9, 2012

Scholarship Award {Zac's Winning Essay}

Zachary today 

Placing third in the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts student essay contest, Zachary earned a $10,000 scholarship!  Should he decide to attend TMC, a truly Catholic college located in New Hampshire, the scholarship will be a great start toward his first year's tuition.  The essay question, "What does Christ offer to young people today who are looking for something greater?" elicited a strong response from our oldest son.  I posted his essay in its entirety as a page (see sidebar); here's a snippet:
...such a dedication and love of God is attained that we may say, as St. Chi Zhuzi did, that “every piece of my flesh, every drop of my blood will tell you that I am a Christian.”   To the modern man and especially to the youth of today, reason is key to finding Truth and faith. Christ offers everything worth offering; we must only follow the path of faith and reason to find Him and His inestimable gifts. With these gifts, we may recover from the tumult of the last century and forge ahead, ever journeying forward in the life of Christ and “looking for the blessed hope and coming of the glory of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.” (Titus 2:13) 
 Zachary's passion for truth, his voice of reason, and his zeal for the faith is truly an inspiration.  We continue to pray for his discernment, in particular in selecting a university (your prayers appreciated, too).  We praise God for the gifts he has given Zachary and for the great gift of being his parents.

Congratulations, Zachary!
Good luck at the district and state swim meets...