Friday, February 3, 2012

Spring Skiing {In Winter}

Joseph + snowy mountain

Vitamin D day at the Mt. Baker Ski Area today, with bright blue skies and a balmy 43 degrees.  The mid-week prices make a day off work pay for Tim, who loves skiing with the boys any chance he can get. Today's ski trip conflicted with First Friday Mass and a planned visit with our former foster twins, Luke & Leia, so Peter opted to stay back.  Tim and Joseph stayed on mostly groomed runs for a change, after finding the outer limits heavy and difficult going.  Tim took the biggest fall in recent memory, and has the ice packs on his knee to prove it.  No one got sunburned, so the injury count remains relatively low.

Calling the ski report from bed makes sense in our neck of the woods.  No use making coffee if you can keep sleeping.  We are not exactly fair weather skiers, but the last planned ski day was promptly cancelled after the phone results, "It's 32 degrees and raining on the mountain".   Something about driving for an hour and paying a fortune to ski in the rain just doesn't sit well.

An inversion weather system hit today and caused confusion at the early morning departure.  The car (at sea level) was iced over while the mountain was a reported 43 degrees.  The higher they climbed, the warmer the weather.  Strange day, beautiful scenery.

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Crystal in Lynden said...

I'm sooo looking forward to skiing Mt. Baker in the sunshine.... someday. :-)